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NEW UPDATE - PLEASE READ: This game has recently had a major rework/update with a new release 'Afterdeath Edition' which is an improved and extended build of this short game, with more endings, horrors, shocks and more, can be found by clicking HERE !

Through this desolate mansion, dark truths await, traverse onward if you dare, for some memories are best left buried and forgotten...


W,A,S,D to move

(Walk over content to automatically interact) 

Escape to quit game

NEW: Like this Game? Feel free to try out Ward 17 - my new, free pixelated-horror game, expanding on the gameplay and concepts from 'Remorse Of Revelations!' Try out Ward 17 HERE!

Rated 2.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
TagsFirst-Person, Horror, Mystery, Retro, Short, Thriller, Unreal Engine


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Pour les Francophones ! 

Nice game, a little short, but solid.

Thanks, got some longer more fleshed out projects in the works, so in future they'll be longer :D


Hello! i loved your game and the jumpscares got me good! i had fun playing.

Cheers, glad you had fun playing!


I really have a soft spot for these kind of retro experiences! Had fun playing it!!

Thanks for the kind words, since youve got a soft spot for the retro style, I just released a new horror game in that same pixel art style - Ward 17, if you ever want to check that out!


Nice!! i will definitely play that one as well, thanks for the tip.

No Problem, Hope you enjoy it!


I love this style of horror game, I wish it was longer

(1 edit)

Thanks, since this ones a little short, if you're interested, I have just released a new free pixel horror game, that is a bit longer and expands on the mechanics of this sort of gameplay :)


Well put together!! Jumpscares got me good man....

Thanks Man, if you like this game, there's another horror game by me on its way very soon :)


very interesting. I think I can keep playing



An awesome, scary, fun, full of jumpscares horror game. This was one really fun game to play. All the jumpscares had me close to jumping out of my seat LOL and just the ambience was terrifying. Loved it!

Thanks for the kind words, glad you loved it!


I don't really scare easily, but the jump scares got me good so many times in this game. Let's just say the blood got pumping! Got both endings (assuming two only) was there more?

Cheers! And yeah, there are two endings, thanks for playing! :D


i enjoying playing this game. It is a very well made small horror game . 

Cheers! Glad you liked it :)


I like the style of this.


Thanks, seen your playthrough, glad you enjoyed it!


I did it was interesting , Thank you for making it.

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so good



Amazing game dev :D i hope you enjoy my gameplay

Nice, and thanks very much! :)