TLRB Demo (Version 3.0 OUT NOW!!)

With just over a week left until The Long Road Back launches, as previously promised, I would have an updated demo before the full game is released, and here we are, with a full list of changes below! 

Update additions:

- Cutscenes with optional subtitles

- Weapon switch/reload animations and sound effects

- Additional options and settings for things like mouse inversion, volume, look sensitivity and option to disable pixel/retro filter

- Level select and control scheme

- Loading screens between levels

- Credits for additional help I've had with this project

- Game Saves progress after Quitting

Update  Changes/Fixes:

- FIXED Player getting stuck upper motel balconies

- Motel lettering is now different between each building, to help player tell them apart

- Enemy Death Animations have been improved

- Player death scream/sound effects have been improved

Not long now until the 28th June... Thank you to all support received, and I cannot wait to release the full game, though until then...

Every. Shot. Counts. 

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Jun 18, 2021

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Hell yeah, can't wait! I'm gonna hold off on trying the new demo so I can be surprised by the full version. Don't want any spoilers before that haha


No worries man! Been a long road (pun not intended) to get this point, hopefully it'll be worth the wait!