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This was really fun! I'm not really a fan of the pixel filter but everything else about the atmosphere was great. It was just short enough to be easily replayed for other endings, and there's some really nice, fun puzzles here.

Couple of things I'd like to see changed or maybe fixed:

The vine puzzle in the early part of the temple is...horribly buggy? I "climbed" it about 5 times at various points and it kept pushing me down, and it never seemed to act consistent. I'd rather have just press the "E" prompt and had the game climb me up, or make it be an extended platforming section leaping around the room.

On a personal note, I'm also not a fan of sudden jumpscares. When you first encounter the monster and it's chasing you, near the end of the area a sudden face flashes in front of you with a loud noise. I'd rather that be gone and have more spooky stuff happening.

Overall though, those little issues aside, I had a ton of fun! Pulled off two of the three endings, no clue how to get the third one, but i bet it's something easy I missed. Keep up the good work on making games and I look forward to seeing what you do next!


Thanks for playing and for in depth feedback, very helpful and always much appreciated, glad you enjoyed it overall! 


Dude that was harder than I thought.

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LoL, Thanks for playing man!


Beautiful game art followed with a fun and simple puzzle adventure. The graphics and sound created a thrilling and immersive atmosphere throughout. Props to those who find the easter egg in the first level! 

Potential for a speed-run playthrough. I got 8 minutes on the dot, after failing the vine puzzle a couple of times and dying at the end! 


Thanks for the kind words!


Hard work and perseverance can lead only to success, congrats on releasing the game